Customer Testimonials

Incensemania is pleased to initiate a blog for the benefit of our customers. We value your feedback - both positive and negative to enable us drive improvements as necessary. Please cut and paste the link below in your browser's address bar to enter and post your comments.

Here is a sample of older feedback provided by our customers, many of them first time buyers

January, 2009:
I just received my Padmini incense and it is the Absolute Best Incense in the World…
I have to tell you my story. You might enjoy it.
Because you did not sell incense burners I was forced to return to the internet to purchase a few more incense burners. And I had to shop at your competitors. When I was purchasing my new incense burners I also tried their incense.
Well, I just threw away in the garbage can $48.57 worth of incense - Swagat, Mukunda, Tulasi, Sandesh and Kamini from the Incense Warehouse.
And just threw away into the garbage can $34.89 worth of incense- Syoyeido, Morning Star from IAmshaman Shop.
Well I had to sample others and nothing can compare to Padmini Incense!!!!
I can not believe the quality, freshness and the fragrance!!!!! Padmini puts just the right amount of sweetness in their fragrance!!! It gives you just the right smell!!! And very pleasing!!! The aroma and the lingering effect!!!!
After sampling about $85.00 dollars worth of incense from the other guys on the internet. And theirs ended up in the trash can. This was a $85.00 dollar lesson, well learned.
I will never look anywhere else again. Padmini Incense….. You are the best!!!
I will always be a customer of Incensemania!!!!!

Russell, Norfolk, Virginia

October, 2005:
Thank you SO MUCH for the PROMPT shipment of my order. I dealt with a company named "By the Planet" who I paid IMMEDIATLY with PayPal instant cash transfer that took aver 30 days to ship a simple HEM incense order. They were not answering some of my e-mails, and used EVERY excuse in the book as to why my order was so severly delayed.... it was absurd. Needless to say I WON'T be using them again for any items. I will be placing another order for additional incense today 10/13. THANKS again for such great service. Could you please send me 2 pens with your name on them so I may pass them onto 2 of my frineds that also enjoy incense?

Michelle, Pasadena, Maryland

This was my first purchase and I was delighted with all aspects of it!

JoAnn, Westmister, Colorado

This vendor is as good or better than any internet vendor I’ve used and I do a lot of my shopping on the net ... have made several purchases here, same excellence every time. Thanks Incensemania !

James, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

September, 2005:
I have ordered from Incensemania before this most recent time. I like their products and prices. The service is fast and the order is always right. I will continue doing business with Incensemania for these reasons. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Candy, Lexington, Texas

Great price on Nag Champa, got it USPS in under a week. Will buy again when I run out.

Kurtis, Towson, Maryland

Excellent inventory and quick response from Customer Service (they called me) made this purchase as easy as it should be.

Jim, Napa, California

August, 2005:
Great Company. I would recommend Incensemania to anyone that likes QUALITY incense.

Ron, Owensboro, Kentucky

Incensemania has really improved the amount of time it takes to receive an order. They were able to complete a last minute correction of the shipping address and the items ordered. I am extremely pleased with their products and service.

Kevin, Baltimore, Maryland

This is the cheapest incense on the web for Nag Champa and a lot of other long lasting fragrant supplies. I Love Them. Thanks.

Linda, Roswell, New Mexico

Good prices & service, but could process orders quicker.

Ralph, Maiden, N.Carolina

July, 2005:
I have traveled a lot across this country and have bought a lot of incense in various places. Incensemania not only has the best prices and selection, the quality of the sticks is second to none, especially seeing as these are hand made and not made by bulk by some automated machine. Their aroma and essence lasts long after they have quit burning, and the amount of time they burn is excellent. Will never buy from another carrier, they have made a new customer.

Julie, Brookfield, Missouri

Very good, fast, efficient service. I’m not being critical, but I would like to be able to read more information about the individual products. However, I will definitely use Incensemania again. Thanks.

Steven, Liverpool, United Kingdom

This merchant has the best price on the BEST incense you could ever find. They have the BEST customer service and truly care about there customers. They also have the best selection of incense anywhere. The shipping was fast and efficient. If you want the BEST you need not look any further. Its always a pleasure to business with these folks. Thank You.

Arthur, Los Ojos, New Mexico

June, 2005:
Incensemania is a great place to supply all your incense needs. They stock many hard to find incense at rock bottom prices. Happy shopping!

Bonney, Maumelle, Arizona

Incensemania is a great place to supply all your incense needs. They stock many hard to find incense at rock bottom prices. Happy shopping!

Julie, Utica, New York

May, 2005:
I ordered from the site, I was immediately sent a confirmation of order. Then I was sent a confirmation of shipment, which I was able to track on line with the provided tracking number. A few days later my shipment arrived. No problem. I was satisfied with my experience. I would order from them again.

Patricia, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

I received exactly what I ordered in exactly the time agreed upon for the shipping method I paid for. They also threw in a few samples of other products, I will be ordering from them again.

Michael, Titusville, Florida

April, 2005:
Great incense at a great price. Have never been happier with incense and don’t plan on ever going anywhere else! You have a customer for life! I have recommended you to all my friends and family, they love you incense too! Thanks for such a great product!

Amy, Mesa, Arizona

Great Incense at a good price.

Kenneth, Waverly, Iowa

March, 2005:
These are real exports from India, there are over 30 sets of 10 sticks each, a great way to explore the smells of India for a acceptable price.

Richard, Raleigh, N.Carolina

Great deals on the best of quality incense!! A.

Amy, Mesa, Arizona

My order was correct and I am enjoying the products ( I bought all incense). I have no complaints about Incensemania directly except to say that standard mail is reaalllly s-l-o-w.

John, New Braintree, Massachusetts

Great service - I will definitely use this website again :)

Erin, San Diego, California

This was my second order with Incensemania and I will be a loyal customers forever!!! Thanks for the great service and selection.

Jeanette, Ingleside, Texas

Great prices, fast shipping, and an ever-expanding selection. Products are varied enough that I almost always can find at least one thing new to try, and Incensemania’s prices make it easy to do, and most fragrances have at least three packaging/quantity options. Website is fast and informative and ordering is easy. A non-coded discount I had received months ago was honored without question, which was a real plus. There isn’t much of a reason to buy incense anywhere else anymore.

Chris, Plano, Texas

I placed the order which was simple to do. This is important because I am very impatient placing orders. Everything was done according to what was stated on the website. My preference of shopping is via internet. They will definitely have my business again.

Eveliz, New York, New York

I love, love, love Incensemania. I’ve purchased all of my imported incense exclusively from them for over a year. Keep Up The Good Work.

Julie, Largo, Florida

February, 2005:
Overall I am very satisfied customer and I am definitely will buy again from this Company. I love the products, the scentsl were so nice and thank you guys for the good service. Well done!

Brent, Winnipeg, Canada

My incense came quickly, well wrapped and in good condition. The promptness of delivery was a pleasant surprise.

Karen, New York, New York

January, 2005:
I never received an invoice emailed to me with the correct total dollar amount on it (with the discount included). One was included in the box, but it would have been nice to know exactly what the correct amount was before I received the shipment. I am very happy with the products.

Nancy, Sacramento, California

I was thrilled to locate this incense and I was not disappointed with this merchant. Wonderful customer service and great products. I will do future business and highly recommend Incensemania!

Codding, Coctaw, Oklahoma

December, 2004:
Thoroughly enjoying the fine quality incense. All blessing upon you in the New Year.

Gayle, Tucson, Arizona

Great prices, super fast service, and good overall selection. Website is not as up to date as it could be, as a few fragrances come up as discontinued. FAQ page with fragrance descriptions is great but could be even better if it had links to buy pages. Shipping is a bit high for priority but service is fast and is still probably less than many places charge for UPS Blue.

Chris, Plano, Texas

Excellent, prompt service.

Angelina, Whittier, California

November, 2004:

We carry this incense in our tanning salon. This I believe is our third order. They sell the best for the best price and service…and the incense is awesome…!!!!

Rosemary, Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

I have to say that this was the best shopping experience I have ever had on the internet. The price was very low and arrived quickly. Thank you very much Incensemania. You have a customer for life.

Jackson, Bridgeport, Connecticut

At first, I was scared to order incense online. I thought incense was one of those things that you have to buy in person so you can see if you’ll enjoy the scent. And it is true that there is no way to guarantee that you will like the scent ordered online unless you already know what it smells like. Some of the incense I bought, I ended up not liking. However the price is decent enough to make that not a huge concern. Sending the incense regular mail and having that smell confront you at your mailbox is a very pleasant sensation.

Tichaona, Springfield, Illinois

This was my first purchase from Incensemania. It was really easy to view the different pages on their site, and ordering was a breeze. This is now the only place I will buy my Incenses and other items from....THIS IS A GREAT SITE.....I WAS VERY PLEASED WITH THE OVERALL PROCESS....

Marva, Cincinnati, Ohio

October, 2004:
Very speedy service!!

Keith, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

I would certainly buy again from this merchant.

George, Cairo, W.Virginia

Very nice product and easy to order.

Victoria, Tampa, Florida

A great price and speedy delivery. What more could I ask for?

Guy, Nesconset, New York

September, 2004:
Just a quick note to let you know my incense arrived safely, and in good order. Many thanks for your kind assistance (and the free gifts of pens & incense holder!!)

Judy, Johannesburg, South Africa

Rating: Excellent I really enjoyed Incensemania. They have many different items to chose from. Overall I was most satisfied with the price. It is impossible to find prices any lower than Incensemania's. The free incense burner was a great bonus. Ill make sure to pass the word around. Thanks again!!!

Stacy, Rogersville, Alabama

Rating: Excellent. What, only a five on the scale is excellent?! These people are an eleven! I placed my order online and before I signed off the computer the delivery guy was at the door with my order! The product I ordered was carefully packed and shipped in a clean box--which tells me that they care about their products and their customers. Also, as a complimentary gift for ordering there was a VERY nice desktop calculator. The pen I will keep--its a good pen too, usually those freebees leak ink, but NOT this one. Their guy for phone customer service sounds REALLY hot! They are a VERY nice company--top shelf, first class--to shop with and I will bookmark their site for future shopping. :)

Margaret, Toledo, Ohio

August, 2004:
Rating: Excellent. I have ordered from Incensemania 3 or 4 times now, and have never been disappointed. I cant honestly say that they are the cheapest source of incense, that I have dealt with on the Internet - but I can say that they are the BEST.

Ron, Owensboro, Kentucky

Rating: Excellent. I've just received my first order from you. I'm over the moon, too excited for words ! Your incense is superb ! I want to burn them all at once, can't decide which one to try first. The Pakeezah oh oh oh .. memories flood over me with this perfume. I'm so glad I found your website. I'm a permanent customer for sure. Your service is excellent too.

Susan, Bay Minette, Alabama

July, 2004:
Thank you so much for your timely delivery of my order of a kilo of Nag Champa. It arrived swiftly and in good shape. Chalk me up as a satisfied customer.

Robert, San Diego, California.

Rating: Excellent. Can only say exceptionally good service and quality of product in all respects.

Alan, Fallbrook, California.

Rating: Good. Never any problems great selection reasonable prices and speedy delivery I am very satisfied with this merchant and am a repeat customer!

Kelly, Mattydale, New York.

I received today your parcel. It's a wonderfull incense Thanks for all.

Jean-Noel, Chandon, France

Wow!! I am VERY impressed with your FAST shipping!! Not only fast shipping but the freshest incense I've smelled in a longgggggg time!! I have to run as I'm about to enter NIRVANA!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

June, 2004:
GREAT! Thank you for such attention to meeting the customer's needs:)

Angel, High Bridge, New Jersey

Thank you very much for the super fast shipping! (AGAIN) i got it already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richie, Bayonne, New Jersey.

Rating: Excellent. I love the smells of your incense. Thank you. I will shopping with you again soon.

Beatrice, El Cajon, California

To: Customer Service Manager,
Thanks for the e-mail. I received my order Wednesday, and I appreciate your concern. Incensemania is great and I look forward to doing business with you for life.

Shelby, U.S. Armed Forces, Overseas.

Rating: Excellent. I must have burnt 10 sticks the day I got my order to try out all the great scents I bought! The smell just lingers and lingers. Great! My grab bag was delightful! I am moving into a new apartment soon so I wanted something to break it in and give it that homey smell... this rates top notch! I can hardly wait. Thanks and youll be seeing me again!

Jennifer, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

May, 2004:
This was my third order from Incensemania - I am sure that I will be a regular customer. I did try a couple of other Internet Merchants, but only ONCE!

Ron, Owensboro, Kentucky.

Thank you, and thank you for correcting my address (smile)! Looking forward to continuing doing business with you. Please add me to your mailing list.

Greg, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Rating: Excellent. Wonderful company. Incense is better from Incense mania then any I have found around the Northeast area. Worth the wait and the free incense holder was a pleasant surprise.

Allison, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Rating: Excellent. Outstanding.Would buy from again. Great variety.

Jeffrey, Chesterfield, Virginia.

April, 2004:
Rating: Good. Best prices and good selection. Description of fragrances is especially nice. A diversified brand selection might be an improvement.

Chris, Carrollton, Texas.

Rating: Excellent. Simply The Best! Thank you for my order! It arrived in record time. The box was dented but luckily the contents were not damaged! Thanks again!

Sherry, Santa Rosa, California

Thanks so much for lowering the shipping costs. I had heard many, many good things about the company from friends who have already ordered from you so I figured I'd try it anyway. Anyhow, I really appreciate the shipping change and the incense holder! You're an absolute doll. I look forward to the package. Have a great week!
Yvonne, Honolulu, Hawaii

Rating: Excellent. All of my incense will be purchased from them in the future. I have given their site name to all of my friends who use their products. I am very glad to have come across their company.

Karen, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

I'm so very pleased with my order..I received it in a timely manner..the prices were outstanding..and the incense was fresh and fragrant....thank you for providing a first class service and business...
with gratitude,
Andrea, Truckee, California.

Thank you for my order and it's speedy delivery :-) as well as for the complimentary pen and incense holder.

Roberta, San Antonio, Texas

Rating: Excellent. Excellent, products none better! Price none better. Customer service (GREAT). They will go the extra mile to take care of there customers. They are the BEST!!!!
Keep up the professional work!

Rev. Arthur, Los Ojos, New Mexico

March, 2004:
I just wanted to say that I recived my order of NAG CHAMPA incense sticks yesterday, and thanks a lot for the woodden stick holder and the ballpen. This was the first but not the last time I will orde from you.
Thanks and regards,
Helena, Barcelona, Spain

I got the order. As long as Incensemania is around you've got a loyal customer! I like the "Spiritual Guide" incense but can't put my finger on what is in there I find familiar..
As for the Nag, I can't live without the stuff!

John, Longview, Texas

Rating: Good. I liked the merchandise and the good customer service.

Daniela, Aurora, Colorado

Rating: Excellent. After making an order and having it shipped to my PO Box, I received a call suggesting I have it delivered by UPS so the shipping bill would be lower. Ive never had a company do that before so I was surprise and very happy about it. Thank you.

David, Burney, California

I was quite pleased with the process of my order. Overall their prices were the best. The customer service was really great. One of the items I ordered had not been packed with the orginal shippment and they apologized and said they would ship right out.

Bernadette, The Bronx, New York

Rating: Excellent. This is the first time I have ordered on-line from this company. I would recommend it to friends and acquaintances, they were efficient and I received my order promptly. Over all an excellent shopping on-line experience.
Thank you,
Brenda, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

February, 2004:
Just to let you know that my order arrived today...excellent, isn't the internet wonderful.....? thanks for all your help,

Jim, Blackskull, Dromore Down, Great Britain

Rating: Excellent. I was informed automatically regarding the status of my order some 4 or 5 times prior to it being shipped - and once shipped, I was given a tracking # and my package arrived almost immediately. Keeping a customer like me well informed about the status of my order is a great way of keeping me happy. It also saves you guys time - I didnt have to call and bug you guys a single time about my order.

Lawrence, Mount Kisco, New York

Just wanted to thank you for the great products you offer and at such a reasonable price! So far I have tried the Jasmine & Gold Statue sticks and enjoy them both! Peace & Love,
Janet, South Bend, Indiana

Rating: Excellent. Very easy to order, shipped quickly and intact. Ill definitely keep this shop in my favorites.

Richard, Grosse lle, Michigan

January, 2004:
Rating: Excellent. Absolutely Brilliant! International delivery as fast as domestic! Never miss a beat. I will shop again!

Mark, Bargara, Queensland, Australia

I have now placed my third order with incensemania, and the customer service, products, prices, web site and the shipping have been great. It has made my shopping experience a delight. I have used other companies that were closer to me in Florida, but didn't get any of the services as I have with Incensemania. Thank You,

Denise, Gulf Breeze, Florida

This is the third time I've ordered from your site now. The merchants in my area charge 4x your prices for incense. Thanks.

Patrick, San Diego, CA.

December, 2003:
You have just won over a new client! You will be getting all of my business from now on! When I had trouble getting my order processed on line, I emailed you on a Friday night, and by Saturday morning I had received 3 emails back and on Saturday mid day received a phone call and gave the rest of my order! I was extremely pleased with your service and performance! And today, only 3 days later I received my order(Priority Mail)!


Denise, Santa Fe, New Mexico

May, 2003:
- Very good service, low prices and top quality merchandice.
John - Ingleside, IL

Sonya - Wakefield, RI

- Great prices...easy website to navigate...will be back for more! Thank you!
Jennifer - Athens, PA

- Things did go just fine. I was kept informed and the wait was reasonable. This is my third order from incensemania, and I don't expect it will be my last. Very economical, very convenient, very businesslike. A good experience.
Vicki - Winston-Salem, NC

- Superior products at a FANTASTIC price! This has become my new and only source for all my future incence purchases.
Laura - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

- Quality Incense for a reasonable price, fast shipping and web site was easy to navigate.
Michael - Burbank, CA

- Quick service and great prices - will definitely order from them again
Peg - Perrysburg, OH
April, 2003:
Julia - Vega Baja - Puerto Rico

- Quick, courteous response to my email inquiry. Incense prices and variety are excellent! Thanks.
Ray - Hillsboro, OR

- Fast and conscientious service...I highly recommend Incensemania!
Christine - Cleveland, OH

- Great prices, great products, and very fast in all ways (shipping, responses, etc.)
Leo - El Monte, CA

- This is the second time I've dealt with Incensemania and on both occasions they have delivered as advertised. Their products are top-notch and although I've noticed other incense dealers on the internet, I'm sold on buying my incense exclusively from Incensemania.
Shelby - US Military stationed overseas

- There was a computer glitch but I would buy from Incensemania again. The products are top of the line.
Toni - Woodstock, GA
March, 2003:
-Excellent in every way!
Hal - Redwood Falls, MN

- Very fast service and excellent products and prices. This website is what all others should strive to be. I rate it A and will continue to be a customer.
John - Pucell, OK

- I think Incensemania is a great site with proactive customer service. The purchasing process was fast and so was shipping. I really wish they accepted paypal as a purchase solution. Other than that I will probably shop here again.
Chris - Woodbury, MN

- Excellent responses, very quickly, and the service was so good that I received the order sooner than expected. Thanks for the free gift and I would tell anyone that they are a great store
Ms.J - Sturgeon Lake, MN

- This particular web site was helpful and I love the Products. I have shared the incense with so many friends that I needed to order more.
Alivia - Edison, NJ
February, 2003:
- Pleasant shopping. Nice product.
Herbert - Prospect Heights, IL

- I am so happy with the attention and care my order & I recieved from Incensemania. Prompt, helpful, accurate, a real human being on the other end, who responded to my concerns and put them to rest with an honest answer.The product is wonderful, incredible aroma, delightful images and colored packaging,this product truly does sell it's self. Great prices, & therefore I am passing on great prices to my customers. Thanks Roger & Incensemania.
Wendy - Kellogg, ID

- Great products and services!!!!!!!
Mickey - Overland Park, KS

- I was very satisfied with the service. customer service was exceptional. Order shipped on time and arrived within days.
Betty - Oakland, CA

- Great service, good prices, good products. I shall return.
Carroll - Union Point, GA

- Nice web page. Easy to navigate. Great selection. Low prices. Super fast delivery. These people really care about excellence.
Robert - Beechhurst, NY

- I was amazed by Incensmania's pricing, service, and rapid order processing. I was in wholesale sales for most of my life and I feel that this vendor deserves an A in all categories.
Jerry - Los Angeles, CA
January, 2003:
- I'm a return customer and will be back again. The incense is wonderful and reasonably priced. They ship promptly and communicate well with the buyer. Can't see why anyone would go anywhere else for their incense. Thanks!
Janette - San Antonio, TX

- Super fast shipping- everything perfect- I will definitely shop here again!!!
Virginia - Cincinnatti, OH

- I couldn't believe how fast I received my order. Especially since it was going through USPS. I would recommend them to all my friends who use incense. Thank You, :o) PS The product is great too!! :)
Carrie - Clearwater, FL

- Prices were right!!
Lynda, New York, NY

- Customer service was great. They corrected immediately a mistake I made on my original order.The product arrived well packed. Roger at Incensemania was very helpful & kind. Will return.
Robert - South Bend, IN

- Immediate response to my order. Packaged nicely and wonderful incense. I've been spreading the word about Incensemania. AAA operation!
Janette - San Antonio, TX

- Items came quickly and were as ordered.
Camille, Minneapolis, MN
December, 2002:
- This was the first order I placed on line. I have since ordered from other on line merchants. I like not having to get dressed, warning up the old Ford and driving to Meijer or Wallmart. My limited experience on the net has been positive so far. Still learing. thanks
Dave - Springfield, OH

- Order came much faster than I expected...even over Christmas! Great store.
Heather - San Diego, CA

- I received my order in less time than I expected. They have an excellent email communication system going.
Sally - Portland, OR

- Fast service, Thank you, and Happy New Year!
Ana - San Bruno, CA

- I have had excellent experiences with Roger and Incensemania and I will continue to be a customer. Excellent customer service! Excellent products! Thank you.
Tonya - Parkville, MD

- Product is great, order taken care of quickly and mailed propmtly, package well wrapped.
Jim - Phoenix, AZ

- Incensemania has excellent products, prices, shipping, and customer service.
Thomas - Big Lake, MN
November 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I loved my first order, and thats why I ordered a second time. I also refered you to a co-worker and she ordered too. Kari is her name. thanks again.�Judy - South Bend, IN
Rating: Excellent.
Comment: This online store is the most user-friendly of anywhere I have shopped online. And by far the best prices for incense. Spread the word of their excellence!!!! - Melody - Wayland, MN
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I love the website and I was extremely pleased with my order. I even called the store directly after receiving my order and the gentleman I talked to was very nice and very helpful regarding wholesale buying. I will DEFINITELY be doing future business with this company again. Keep up the good work and PEACE! - Tonya - Parkville, MD
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: No was a pleasant experience, I will definitely order from them again, and would send anyone else who asked to their online store as well. - Chris - Summit, NJ
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I�m very pleased with their prices and how fast my order came. I was really surprised when my order came in 2 days! I was expecting the usual 7 - 10 days; Incensemania, keep up the great work!!
- Kandace, Vista, California.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Fast service, excellent prices, attractive free shipping offer and returning customer coupon, great product. I'll be back. I'd recommend them to anyone, in fact, I have already told my brother and several friends about them!
- Theda, Cameron, Missouri.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I have to admit, I didn't think it would be a pleasant experience ordering on-line. We had bad ones before. But they kept us well informed and service was very fast.I loved it. I'll definitely be back, with friends.
- Adraine, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Lightening fast delivery. Wonderful product. I will be a regular!
� James, Mineral Wells, Texas.

October 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I love incense greatly and I feel the product is excellent. The product knowledge and incense facts Incensemania provides is very helpful and informative. The quality, shipping and packaging was most efficient and done with care. I am very pleased with my purchase and will order again (and again) Thank you Incensmania. I only wish you sold essential oils also.
� Lynn, Hubbard, Ohio.

Rating: Good.
Comments: Very good product at very reasonable prices. I will use this store again.
- Terry, New York, New York.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Better than I expected. I liked it (incense) very much. Thank you.
� Maria, St.Augustine, Florida.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I love incense, and Incensemania has a great selection and low prices. I strongly recommend them.
� Kenneth, Waverly, Iowa.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Number 1 on my favorites list
- Robert, Lakewood, New Jersey

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Am extremely pleased doing biz with Incensemania....ordering process was simple and direct, communication from company to me throughout whole process was comprehensive and secure..order was packed VERY well, and was shipped and delivered in a timely manner..thanks so much!!!
� Jeanine, Stuart, Florida.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Everything was packaged properly and arrived in a timely manner. I was very happy with the quality, considering the prices are so low.
- Suzanne, Buffalo, New York.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Quick, easy and painless ordering. Fast order filling. Received the order quicker than I expected.
- James, Rockford, Illinois.

September 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I have ordered from Incensemania twice, and both times was very pleased with the prompt service and "free shipping" I received with orders over the minimum. I recommend them to friends whole-heartedly and will look to them for my incense purchases.
- Rosie, Mahaska, Kansas

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I have received the order and I am very pleased with the promptness of the delivery. I will continue to shop at Incensemania. Thank you very much.
�Candy, Austin, Texas.

Rating: Good.
Comments: Swift efficient service, quality product. " gulab" outstanding. Overall quality excellent.
� Peter, Saltford, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Order accecpted with no problem. Order sent within 24 hrs. Order was correct.
� Jim, Phoenix, Arizona.

August 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: The product arrived sooner than expected and I was even called to have the shipping methods explained. Excellent service!!
- Adam, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I love the site and the service was great. I highly recommend incensemania.
-Tonia, Houston, Texas.

Comments: Everything was as expected and as advertised. I appreciate the wide selection of incense that Incensemania offers.
- Kenneth, Waverly, Iowa.

July 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: The quality of incense are great. I will order again. Thanks
- Jeanette, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Prompt service, great prices, and quality product!! I will visit this store again!!
-James, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

June 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Probably one of the smoothest transactions and most informative sellers I have ever dealt with on the net.
� Randy, Moore, Oklahoma.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: The very best smelling incense I've ever had!!!
� Loyd, Huntsville, Texas.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Great customer service and FAST shipment!
- Beth, Minneapolis, MN

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: I was very impressed with the short period of time between the time I made my order and the time I received it. I also found that ordering from their website was very customer friendly.
- Jason, W.B., Pennsylvania.

May 2002:
Rating: Excellent.
Comments: Incense quality is outstanding. Service outstanding. They gave me a 3% discount on my second order. From now on, these will be the only people I buy from!!!
� Christine, South Nyack, New York.

Rating: Excellent.
Comments: A superb selection of incenses. They select only the best and have ideal prices.
� Clifford, Teaneck, New Jersey

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April 2002:
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