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This page provides a brief review of each fragrance carried by Incensemania.
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Agni - This word means "Fire" in the East Indian language Hindi. This fragrance has a camphorous aroma. It is associated with meditation, prayer and ceremonial rites which include the use of fire.

Benzoin - Benzoin has a pleasant and sweet balsamic fragrance with a vanilla-like aroma and a "spicy" almost cinnamon -like note. Found in Indonesia, Sumatra, Java, Laos and Vietnam, Benzoin is believed to soothe, stimulate, comfort and warm individuals especially when they are exhausted or feeling a little down. It is associated with Prosperity and mental powers.

Brindavan - The aroma of Indian sandalwood ! Incense made from sandalwood has been used for thousands of years in India. It is a euphoric, an aphrodisiac, and emotion enhancer. It helps in spiritual meditation and to reflect negativity away from your home. This pure classical and timeless fragrance is extracted from the oil of the sandalwood tree found in certain regions of India & China.

Chand - Chand means "moon" in the East Indian Hindi language. The moon has a significant connotation to astrology and zodiac signs. This unique fragrance is a blend of secret recipes handed down from generations. This fragrance can help soothe and relax you.

Chandan (Sandalwood) - Chandan means "Sandalwood" in the East Indian Hindi language. Chandan refers to powder or paste obtained by vigourosly grinding a piece of pure sandalwood on a hard flat surface in a circular motion. This laborious and manual process is said to have been used by Hindus since ancient times. This fragrance is derived from pure sandalwood and is quite captivating. Light a stick to help soothe and relax you.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon gives off a warm, spicy and woody fragrance which is aromatic and sweet. It makes you feel fresh and warm. It is said to reduce stress and dispel the negative energy of illness itself. It is an extraordinarily potent masculine scent ruled by the sun and can be used for love and romance. It is said to lend great strength to lusty ventures too! It is extracted from the inner bark of a specific cinnamon tree found in a few tropical countries of South East Asia.

Clove - Clove has a sweet spicy fragrance which can also be described as hot. It is said to be stimulating and helps to overcome nervousness and mental fatigue. It provides tranquility and is perfect for any occasion. Clove is obtained from the dried bud of a tropical myrtle tree in eastern Indonesia and Madagascar.

Fantasy - This unique fragrance is an exquisite blend of floral notes along with subtle aroma of pure sandalwood. It is said to reduce your inhibitions and enable your inner mind to explore your fantasies. Unleash your creativity with the fantastic fragrance of fantasy !

Floral - As the name suggests, this fragrance is bursting with the scents of a bouquet! It is a mixture of flowery scents such as rose, jasmine, etc. It gives a heady and fresh blend of scents as from a tropical garden.

Flower Bouquet - A fragrance derived from a fine blend of extracts of exotic tropical flowers. It is considered "heady" with a full "Floral" body.
Heady- Exhilarating, sparkling, stimulating. Making one feel light headed. Floral- Having flower based notes. Indicates a note that is associated with smoothness and naturalness

Frankincense - A stimulant found in Somalia, Yemen, and Oman in the middle-East. It is often promoted as an aid in meditation and prayer to help improve communication with God and for enhancing spiritual awareness. Practitioners of aromatherapy believe in its power to reduce anxiety and stress. The ancient world believed that the smoke of incense carried their prayers to heaven.

Gold Statue - A mystical fragrance to enhance your inner thoughts, blended with extreme care and based on an old East Indian receipe. A feeling within you awaiting an enlightening experience.

Green Apple - Breathe in the fresh scent of wild delicious green apples as the fragrance transports you to the foothils of the great Himalayas mountain in India, where they grow in natural abundance.

Gulistan - A classical fragrance extracted from the delicate petals of thousands of fragrant dark red Indian roses.

Incense- An unique blend of fragrances based on a secret recipe formulated during ancient times in India. It is said to be made from a mixture of sandalwood, rose and a few rare ingredients.

Introducing a very exotic and sensual scent - Jasmine. The jasmine plant comes from India. Jasmine fragrance is associated with inner feelings and aspirations. It is intensely floral but with a feminine modesty. Jasmine is a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. Jasmine is a scent so unreserved that it purifies the emotions. It has been known to relieve melancholy. As a well-used scent, Jasmine provides strength in matters of spiritual love and money. It has a soothing effect on the inner-self and lends its scent well to meditation and contemplation.

Juhi - An exciting magical fragrance derived from the beautiful Jasmine flower and few other secret ingredients. It is a little different than the Jasmine incense fragrance.

Kasturi- Kasturi -a name which evokes a sense of mystique and the splendour associated with India. This incense receipe has been used since ancient times by royalty. Kasturi has been used by kings and queens as the fragrance is said to bring a fresh lease of life and energy in young and old alike. It is also used for making expensive perfumes.

Koko - Feel the fresh breeze of an island in your face with the Koko fragrance derived from the coconut fruit. The fragrance is not strong, yet gives you the warmth of a tropical island with the scent of the coconut

Lyrics - This fragrance is based on sandalwood cologne along with citric notes which imparts a feeling of "freshness" to the environment.

Lyrics Dhoops - This fragrance is based on sandalwood cologne along with citric notes which imparts a feeling of "freshness" to the environment. The dhoops incorporate core-less technology and do not have a wooden stick as the core. Each packet also includes a metal "eyelet" on which the 2.5 inch long dhoop may be inserted and then lit - acting as a incense holder !, pretty nifty!

My Favourite - A unique fragrance extracted from the rare Kewda (pronounced "Cave-da") flower found in certain parts of India. It is a bushy plant with prickly leaves and the flower itself looks like an unpeeled corn! In India, drinking water is sometimes 'flavored' by immersing this flower in a pot during special occasions.

Nutmeg have a strong, peculiar and delightfully pleasant fragrance. The odor is spicy, warm, slightly camphoraceous, sweet and penetrating. It is generally used as a gentle stimulant. It was used as incense by the Romans. It is found in the spice islands of Indonesia.

OlibanoThe name "Olibano" is derived from the Arab word "Al-Lubaan". It is another name for Frankincense. This fragrance is a derivative of the Frankincense fragrance - very unique and captivating.

Om - A fragrance so unique, it has to be experienced. This mystic symbol is also the most powerful Hindu mantra. It is composed of five elements: the syllables a, u, m, the dot or bindu and sound (nada), and is revered as the representative of the gods. All aspects of speech are believed to have come forth from this word. Because of this mystic importance, Om is uttered at the commencement of all prayers and religious ceremonies and at the beginning of all mantras. Practitioners of yoga and transcendental meditation continuously repeat the "AUM" word to focus their thoughts and internal energy. Excellent for use during spiritual meditation or activity when focus and concentration is desired. This unique fragrance will help soothe and relax you.

Perfumed Dhoops - This fragrance is based on a rose balsamic note. Padmini Products began its history of success in the incense business with this age old fragrance. This incense is unique as there is no wooden stick at its core. Padmini invented this core-less dhoop over 40 years ago. Each packet also includes a metal "eyelet" on which the 2.5 inch long dhoop may be inserted and then lit - acting as a incense holder !, pretty nifty! This is a timeless fragrance which will linger on & on.

Perfumed Dhoops Kings - This fragrance is based on a rose balsamic note. This is the king size version and is over twice the length of the standard size dhoop stick. Padmini Products began its history of success in the incense business with this age old fragrance. This incense is unique as there is no wooden stick at its core. Padmini invented this core-less dhoop over 40 years ago. Each packet also includes a metal "eyelet" on which the 2.5 inch long dhoop may be inserted and then lit - acting as a incense holder !, pretty nifty! This is a timeless fragrance which will linger on & on.

Pakeezah - The flagship of Padmini incenses. This fragrance has a strong woody floral note and is based on rare natural resin called "Halmadi" found only in a small forest region of India. Cuts are made in the bark of the Halmadi tree and the white milky resin oozes out over a period of time. This incense receipe based on Halmadi has been used since ancient times by sages and is said to be good for health. It burns for close to an hour and is generally used during formal ceremonies.

Patchouli fragrance is extracted from the purple-tinged white flowers, native to tropical Asia. Burn patchouli incense to bring in money energy. It is also said to act as an aphrodisiac, uplifting to the mood. As a scent to attract lusty ventures, Patchouli certainly ranks up there with the most potent. A feminine scent ruled by Saturn, Patchouli brings out an almost primal evocation of memories for some people.

Peach - Peach has a sweet, musky scent of the peach fruit. Burn it in the kitchen to bring back the fruity smell of the season and to drive away unpleasant odors.

Poem - This unique fragrance appears to bring out the creativeness in you. It is said to bring you out of passive state such that creativity blossoms forth! This mild fragrance is a blend made from a secret recipe. Like the haunting poetry of the ancients, it will keep drawing you back into its fragrant folds !

Rose - The irrestible fragrance of budding red roses !! Rose fragrance picks up the spirit, soothes the angered soul and provides a calming influence to help relax the mind. As a feminine scent, ruled by Venus, rose stands out as a scent to be reckoned with in relation to love. When doing a reading or divination, use rose incense for more clarity in matters of the heart.

Rosemary - Rosemary fragrance is pungently aromatic and somewhat camphoraceous. It is said to have had a reputation for strengthening the memory. On this account it became the emblem of fidelity for lovers.

Spiritual Guide - The most popular of all Padmini incense fragrances. This has a mild fragrance with a balsamic note. An art inherited from the ages, when art flourished. And immortal sculptures and architecture were created. Complementing their beauty were skillful blends of natural fragrances rolled on sticks - Spiritual Guide being one of them. Light a stick for a transporting aromatic experience to calm your mind. Guide your inner self to celestial heights or to enhance the mood of the moment.

Star Select - Finally, STAR SELECT from Padmini ! Incense which complements the zodiac signs……star signs considered important and relevant by many cultures. Each fragrance in this set is a unique fragrance associated with a star sign and based upon centuries old recipe handed down through generations of wise men of India! These are unique scents created especially for each sign, to enhance positive qualities and to reflect individual personalities.

Styx - A mini variety pack of 4 different unique fragrances ! Allows the flexibility to create your own fragrance blend by burning different combinations of the 4 fragrances. Each of the four fragrances were developed to provide a soothing and calming effect whether burned by itself or in combination with others. The mystical aroma keeps drawing you back to its fragrant memories long after burning it.

Superfine Dhoops - This fragrance is based on a woody balsamic note and is core-less (does not have a wooden stick at its core). It gives off a rich and full bodied fragrance as it burns.

Surya - Surya means "Sun" in the East Indian Hindi language. The SUN, the all powerful, the giver of life itself, to all living things. The sun bears an important place in all cultures. It is the center of our world as we know it. This fragrance captivates your soul with its unique blend of aromas such that you will keep returning to its scent - like being drawn to the welcoming sun every morning !

Tangerine - Tangerine has a sweet, citrus scent. It is a top note in perfumery. It is said to heal inner child issues, for relieving anxiety, obsession with the past, and emotional trauma. Also used for insomnia, restlessness, and nervous tension.

Top 3 - This incense consists of 3 different fragrances bundled in separate pouches within each packet. They are scentimate, lavender bouquet and a gardenia floral note.

Vetiver - Vetiver has a heavy, woodsy, earthy and sweet scent. It is a base note in perfumery. Vetiver helps to calm tension, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. It has a balancing effect, and helps to stabilize energy. Deeply relaxing and calming. Helps to concentrate, organize scattered thoughts and overcome intellectual fatigue. Also known as Khus-khus in India, it is a perennial grass, native to tropical Asia, Haiti and Indonesia.

Violet - Violet has a sweet scented fragrance. They were used by the Athenians 'to moderate anger,' to procure sleep and 'to comfort and strengthen the heart.

Ylang-Ylang - A sweet, sensual and exotic fragrance from South-East Asia! It is a base, middle, and top note in perfumery. Ylang-Ylang is also spelled Ilang-Ilang or ee-lang ee-lang. It has an exotic sweet, creamy, floral scent. Islanders have long credited the sweet, heady aroma of ylang ylang blossoms with the capacity to help ease the unpleasant effects of stress and nervousness. Ylang Ylang is a tropical tree native to Indonesia and the Philippines. The fragrance stimulates the part of the brain that releases endorphins, producing an oil that is warming, intoxicating and a natural aphrodisiac. It's sweet scent has the ability to relax, lift negative moods, increase sensuality and instill a sense of well being.

Worth - This fragrance is based on a floral amber note with woody tones. Once you have tried this fragrance, you will be beckoned back to its alluring aroma again and again !

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